Gastric Band Testimonials 

I am Dan, I am a recruitment Consultant from Wellington. My first session with Lyn was in July 2019. By Christmas I had lost over 20kgs. I am Physically looking much better and emotionally feeling a lot better about myself I'm not hating myself as much anymore.

I had my original hypnotherapy session with Lyn in April 2018 at which time I was over 100kg, I was feeling low on energy and spent time feeling depressed and embarrassed hiding away from the world. I was skeptical about the hypnosis as had only heard about it on the radio but it was undoubtedly the best decision I have ever made.

I left my session with a new outlook on life but unsure what I was suppose to feel.....Then when I took my first trip to the supermarket and got excited in the fruit and vegetable section and ignored all my old snack foods I knew life was about change!

Within 12 months I lost 30kg! I had more energy and a fresh outlook on life. At 40 years old I finally felt in control of my eating habits and confident to get out and enjoy life! I did things like the tough girl outdoor challenge, walking and enjoying so many more activities with not only my children but the children I look after. I felt happy to start everyday and enjoyed shopping for new clothes like never before, trying on size 12 bright colored clothing instead of black size 20 hide away clothes! After listening to the recordings on a consistent basis my mood lifted and I started to live my life in a way I can be proud of. My family and friends are so supportive and happy that I have found peace with being me. Many of them have also been to see Lyn now also.


I have maintained my 30kg loss for over 12 months and my journey continues, I still very positive about life and have the confidence to stay in control. I have goals to continue working towards and am excited about my future. 


I will be grateful for my hypnosis experience with Lyn for the rest of my life.

To give some background, I had a 920gm cyst between my heart and lungs that was discovered and
removed when I was 29. This obviously impacted on lung health and made exercise very difficult. A
few years ago I was told that I also had a pulmonary shunt which further impacted my ability to
absorb oxygen. I loved food and beer and so with very little exercise over the years, incrementally
put on weight. Food became my comfort zone and my celebratory zone. My doctor and my wife
were on at me about doing something, but I ignored the advice and even made jokes about being
fat. Even some of my closest friends had a word to me and I was dismissive.
Eventually I realized that there were multiple issues I needed to deal with and one of them was my
weight. I wasn’t keen on dieting as I’d seen others going through the ordeal of dieting cycles and I
knew I didn’t have the willpower.
Medicine and surgery seemed like a step too far and so I started looking around for other options. I
heard about hypnotherapy on the radio and initially dismissed it because I’m a facts and figures kind
of person and hypnotherapy sat squarely outside what I could analyse. As I started to follow some of
the stories of people who did it I started to wonder if it would work for me. I spoke to my doctor and
she said that it was worth a go as I needed to do something, and it couldn’t hurt trying.
And so I turned up to the session not knowing what to expect, and to be honest still being somewhat
cynical but desperate to lose weight.
That was the turning point in my overweight life. From that time onwards I haven’t eaten anything
that isn’t healthy food – food is fuel – since. What I eat has changed fundamentally, as has how
much. Groceries are very much fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, nuts, yoghurt and healthy cereal.
Bread has been replaced with wraps, and pasta is gone. The binge eating, late night snacking,
unhealthy take-aways, puddings and home baking are gone.
Interestingly I opted to have reduced beer, but I haven’t been able to drink a single beer since. What
I am drinking now is whiskey and soda, ciders or rum and coke zero. I’m not a routine or heavy
drinker, and its mostly just weekends or social events where I will have a few.
So that’s the food side. The mindset change is the most dramatic though. People at work didn’t
really start to notice until after Christmas holidays as I was away for four weeks and lost quite a lot
over that period. People treat you differently when you’re thinner, and whilst we shouldn’t do that
it’s exactly what happens. Perhaps its because I have a more positive mindset that the social
interactions have improved. I really do feel sorry for overweight people now, as I can see them
struggling with it and the temptation is to try to help them all, but I’ve made a conscious decision to
only discuss when asked as I thoroughly believe you have to want it enough to make change.
The loss in weight has improved my mindset on everything and some of the other demons I was
dealing to have also diminished remarkably and have less impact on me. I didn’t realise how tied in
to these my weight was, in fact the extra weight was a physical symbol representing these issues as
they all contributed to it in one way or another.
My teenage son surprised me commenting that he was so relieved that I was doing something to
lose weight, which was quite emotional for me as he’d never voiced concerns when I was over-
weight. I didn’t realise that he had been harbouring these concerns.
I have religiously listened to the recordings and these are great. The morning one is such an
awesome way to power into the day and the evening one is great to relax and clear the mind of the
day’s clutter and issues.
To summarise then, I have power over my life back, and although I am still some way off my target, I
am extremely confident I will get there. What is happening isn’t a diet, it’s my body responding to
the changes in what I put in it. I’ve promised myself a new rod and reel for the boat when I get there
as a celebration rather than a celebratory meal. I aim to make this lifestyle change permanent.

Start weight – 138kg
Total Weight loss to 5/3/20 – 28.5kg (currently 109.5kg)

I saw lyn Davis in April 2017

To date I have lost over 65kg and continue on my journey.

What I have gained in the last 3 years is the tools to lead a healthier lifestyle and be more confident in myself.

Since seeing Lyn and losing the weight i found the person within.

I run my own business out in the community have done some public speaking, and enjoy inspiring others on my journey.

Last year I even took on doing my adult apprenticeship in hairdressing.

My confidence has blossomed.

I go to crossfit as my fix in life.

I am active with my children and this was a massive achievement I use to sit in the car and watch never run around with them.

Its changed who I am but not my heart. I know I'm a good person I always was but now I believe I am and this shines with the people around me and my life.

As I continue on my journey I take the tools everyday from what Lyn has gifted, she also has a amazing heart and gift to share with others.

I wasn't sure if this worked never being hypnotized, but hands down if you want it too it will don't sit on the fence take the leap, I haven't regretted a day after.

We all have ups and downs I always go back to listening to Lyn to re enforce, first 18 months everyday 2x a day I took time for me.

Believe in you and you can do it you're so with it.

Life is for living

I am a registered nurse in Oncology in Palmerston North

I had my original session with Lyn 4 August 2017, and as of 11 August 2018, I reached my original goal weight of 86 kilos (in fact was 85.5), my lowest adult weight.

I never EVER believed I’d ever be this, or even double figures, as I started my journey at 123.3 kilos, and had a number of health issues. Because of Lyn, I am no longer on blood pressure medication, or pre diabetic.

My chances, as much as it’s obvious on the outside, it’s the emotional changes that are phenomenal. I am more positive in myself, I actually love myself, and loved myself, even in the beginning, because, for me, the negativity has to stop for co to using success. I have healthier ways to manage the stressors in my life. And it always goes back to the simple three words I love hearing in the recordings I still, to this day, I love you. (I love myself).

I have a page on Instagram which has talked about, and continues to talk about my journey and body positivity, and I am overwhelmed that I’ve inspired others to see Lyn, and they have also had great results. Lyn is not a quick fix or a diet, it is a lifestyle change for the better. It’s not about eating, or telling you what you can and can’t eat, it goes so much deeper. I’m a nurse, always need to know how something works, this, I didn’t. But, by going with a open mind, being open to change, investing in myself and making me a priority, I’m a better version of me.

(Sister #1)
 I'm a 42 Yr old mum of 4 from Tauranga I was the 1st out of my sisters to do Lyn's hypnosis in 2018 I did my initial hypnosis late in the month of October my weight was somewhere around 125kg+ I was studying, drinking 1 or 2 energy drinks every day & I was in constant pain with back problems & could barely move without issues. I was extremely depressed about my weight & Dr's told me I needed to lose weight to help my back pain & I couldn't move to lose the weight I couldn't see any way out of the pit I was in so as an early birthday present my family all pitched in & paid for my change of life which is totally what Lyn has helped me achieve today marks at least 40 kgs gone & I feel fantastic I walk everyday, I've got energy to walk on the beach with my youngest, I've even played paintball with my 3 oldest children & I've walked to the top of the Mt without an issue there isn't a day that I don't achieve 10000 steps I can happily look past all the foods that used to be so tempting. It hasn't been an easy journey as I became homeless 6 months ago & my dog had an eye removed & has been diagnosed with glaucoma but if it hadn't been for what the wellness recordings do I would be an absolute mess but I feel like I've accomplished so much I can move, I love myself more each day I still battle a few body image demons but nothing like before when I couldn't even shower with the lights on I can now look in a mirror & like what I see & I honestly can't thank Lyn or my family enough.  

(Sister #2)
I am 48 years old and I work as a teacher aide in Tauranga.  I have always struggled with trying to lose weight after I had children and my doctor kept telling me that results of blood tests showed I was pre-diabetic.  I tried many diets and joined a gym.  I lost some weight and gained it again when things got hard and I gave up.  I heard about the gastric band hypnosis on the radio and around that same time my mother had seen it on the internet.  Mum thought it would be great and wanted everyone to chip in for my sister Bex to go as a birthday present.  Within a matter of months we could all see the difference and couldn't wait until it was our turn. I went for my session with Lyn on the 6th August 2019 weighing 135kgs.  To date I have lost 20kgs and four dress sizes.  The doctor is pleased with my blood tests and progress.  I look at food so differently and I don't miss those foods that are dangerous for me.  I feel a calmness about me. Things don't stress me out as much now.  I am loving myself a lot more.  

(Sister #3)

My name is Bonnie Wade. I am a 36 year old mother/ job seeker from Tauranga. I started my journey on the 6th August 2019 as one of the last in the family to have the hypnotic Gastric Band session. I have currently lost a total of 19kg. I suffer from fibromyalgia and my original reason for attending the session was not for weight loss alone, but for a better well being in general. My condition had made my life difficult both physically and emotionally and although the medication the doctor provides reduces some of the pain it doesn’t help my emotional well being. After my treatment with Lyn I noticed so many positive changes. I didn’t feel so lethargic when I got up in the morning. I wanted to walk more, even though I was scared of the pain I overcame that fear and moved forward. I now feel full of life, like my condition is no longer a hurdle.  I am much better equipped to deal with the pain that my condition can cause simply by listening to the recordings. I have lost at least 3 sizes in clothes and am able to fit shoes that used to be too tight. I have very few items of clothing left that actually fit me due to how much weight I have lost. I had a bad relationship with food and my emotional health before seeing Lyn and now I find myself recommending her to everyone in the hopes that they will get the same success from it. I am extremely grateful to Lyn for this positively awesome change in my life but I would be stupid not to be thankful to the person who made it possible, my mum. She saw something that could make our lives better and she made it happen for us, without her I’d still be 100kg in agonizing pain on a daily basis and feeling like I wasn’t going to achieve anything.  

Jo - Administrator for Lyn Davis

I started my journey in May 2015 weighing 106kgs, the heaviest I've ever been. Like many others I had done nearly every diet there is and succeed until I stopped that diet and i gained all the weight back plus some. I saw Lyn Davis Hypnotherapy on Facebook and decided I've tried everything else why not give this ago. I went and had my gastric band done, followed her instructions and listened to my recording religiously. Within 6 months I had lost 30kgs and over 70cms in total. It is the best money I have ever spent on myself. I not only lost the weight but I became more confident and now actually like looking in the mirror at who I am and who I have become. This has been truly life changing, 3 years into this journey and I have maintained my weight, my body shape has changed completely and I love who I am today. Lyn is an incredibly talented woman who has changed my life in so many ways. I will be forever grateful.


In 2010 When I turned 21 - I thought I was fit and active and happy. I was kidding myself. I was almost at my heaviest. I was in denial of all the weight I had put on. Diet after diet I succeeded - YAY ME! then... I self sabotaged - asking myself "why should I be happy? why should I be loved and wanted and be healthy?" thus putting on more weight then what I had lost. It was a never ending battle. I was in sinking sand and I was going under - fast. fast forward to 2016 and I reconnected with a friend who is my now Fiance - he got me out and about, walking, bike riding and swimming among other really fun active activities and he loves eating healthy food so the crap went out the window... we started to notice a change in my skin, my attitude, and my confidence - my clothes were getting loose and I met a gorgeous wee lass through my work, we will call her V and we were buddied up for care support. This little girl is such a strong happy caring loving little being and no wonder - her mum is an amazing super strong supportive and FANTASTIC role model! She introduced me to the wonderful world of Lyn and her Magic healing ways with Hypnotherapy. Through my journey so far, I have lost ALMOST 50kg. Since seeing Lyn at the end of October 2017 where I got my Kick in the pants to carry on with my journey and not give up on me I have lost 16kg. It is a slow process - you arent going to wake up the next morning and be "skinny" you have to put the work into you. You have to learn how to love YOU! and I cant thank my new friends Lou, Lyn and her team and the other Ladies and Gents on this journey alongside me for the amazing journey and support. No amount of words will ever explain how great full and thankful I am for the opportunity I was given to get healthy, stay healthy, love life and appreciate the people who love me.

I saw Lyn in July 2019 and was so worried I would never be able to lose weight. 9 months and 30kg later, I am feeling better than I have for years. And I can buy off the rack, in the normal ladies section, at KMART.
I am a convert to the benefits of Hypnotherapy, and love sharing your details with family and friends so they can also change their lives. Even my doctor wanted details so they can share with other struggling patients.
I still have a long way to go, but am confident I now have the tools and mindset to get there.

"I saw Lyn in July 2019 and I am pleased to say I have lost 42.5kg I would like to thank Lyn so much for what she has done she has totally changed my life!"

"I did hypno with you on the 22nd of September. 5 months later I'm 20kgs down, less 4 dress sizes and 13.9% body fat! I LOVE my new life!Thank you so much, hypnos changed everything - it's completely flipped my mindset in every which way. I'm training hard now too and getting really fit and strong"

"This is the best decision I ever made. October last year I saw Lyn. I haven’t touched or been tempted by anything I buried. Thank you"

25kgs down in just 8 months! A fantastic achievement

"I am 20 kilos down since July 2019. Thanks so very much Lyn. You have changed my life in a big way"

"I had my appointment with Lyn in Brisbane. I've struggled with my weight all my life and have tried everything including the gastric sleeve surgery. In the beginning I lost weight but I would end up gaining it back plus more. I didn't know what to expect that day in April going to see Lynn, I never in my wildest dreams thought that 10 months later I would be 67 kg lighter. I just had my weekly weigh in and I am in tears of joy. If I can do it anyone can do it. Thank you Lynn, thank you so very much xx"

Kelly has lost over 23kgs and is looking fantastic!

30kgs down in just 12 months.

Caitlin has lost 28 kilos in less than 6 months

“20 weeks 20 kg!! Thankyou for coming to Australia!”

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