Stress and Anxiety information

Stress and anxiety have one common factor – an unpleasant physical response to emotional distress

Hypnotherapy is the safest way to relieve and manage stress, anxiety, and depression and is able to address the underlying feelings and emotions that feed and trigger stress, anxiety and depression quicker and easier than any other treatment.

Hypnosis guides you into a state of deep relaxation which reduces stress and anxiety, relieves tension, triggers your relaxation response and helps you achieve healthy lifestyle changes that reduce the stress in your life.

You don’t need to do anything…Just listen

Lyn’s Relieve and Manage Stress & Anxiety Hypnotherapy sessions are held in groups of up to 16 clients. They are however not overly interactive, and you are not spotlighted or asked to publicly share your journey. This is a one off appointment and you will need to allow one and a half hours for your session.

The cost for the Stress and Anxiety Hypnotherapy is $175. This includes your 40 minute session with Lyn and recordings to listen to after your session.

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