Stress and Anxiety Hypnotherapy


Stress, anxiety and depression are all very common, with over 264 million people suffering with or experiencing unpleasant symptoms because of them.

In all stressful situations, there is one common factor – an unpleasant physical response. Hypnosis is able to guide you into a state of deep relaxation which reduces stress and anxiety, relieves tension, triggers your relaxation response and creates a zone for you to make changes to the way your mind and body respond to stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can help to reduce and manage daily life stress as well as help deal with past trauma and emotions and all levels of anxiety disorder.

The best bit about it is you don’t have to do anything… just listen.



Our online stress and anxiety sessions are held via our website using pre recorded sessions.


This is a one off appointment and you will need to allow 1 hour for this session.

The cost for the Relieve & Stress & Anxiety Hypnotherapy is $200.

This includes your one hour online session with Lyn and recordings to listen to after your session to help you remain in control.


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“Feeling good! It's made such a difference already and with the continuation of the recordings I feel it can only improve from here!!! I'm so thankful for the opportunity to attend and cannot recommend Lyn and your team enough! THANK YOU!”