Hypnotherapy for Teenagers

Gain confidence and perspective and reduce anxiety in Teenagers

Teenagers often struggle to make sense of the world. This is an ongoing process and it’s understandable that from time to time they may hit the odd bump in the road. However, it is important that these temporary blocks are addressed so the child continues to learn and develop. A common problem is that kids often worry about things adults would find trivial.

The answer is to give them the confidence to overcome these hurdles - whether it’s a question of getting along with others in their peer group or having trouble with schoolwork, the mental processes are the same.

The session offers assurance and the opportunity to put things into perspective. Importantly, it provides the child with the confidence to understand that no problem lasts for ever and that no problem is insurmountable.

Our sessions are held in small groups of up to 16 clients. They are however not overly sharing or interactive and everyone is there for the same reason.

The cost for this treatment is $195. This cost includes your childs session with Lyn and recordings to listen to after their session to help them remain in control.

Afterpay is available. To make a booking using afterpay please call 027 591 9416.

For more information or to make a booking for your child please contact us at clare@lyndavishypnotherapy.com