Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


Gastric band hypnotherapy is a unique weight loss programme that uses

clinical hypnosis to change the way you feel about food. You will eat

smaller portions and you won't feel hungry, deprived or miserable! 

Hypnosis convinces your brain that you feel full and helps you change your

eating habits forever. Hypnosis also helps to change the way you think and feel

about food making it effortless to make healthier food choices.

This treatment is 100% safe and has no risks.


Once you have had your Hypnosis treatment your subconscious mind believes you have had Gastric Band Surgery and that your stomach is smaller, so you will start to eat 3 smaller meals and 3 smaller snacks and you will feel comfortably full. It really is simple as that.

2% diets work - the only way to lose weight is to eat less and this will be easier for you as you have your gastric band fitted.

Hypnotherapy also changes the way you think and feel about food making it easier to make healthier food choices.

Everyone responds differently to hypnosis - some people absorb the messages quicker than others.

There are no guarantees with hypnosis and we do not offer a money back guarantee - as with most weight loss treatments.

Statistics say gastric band hypnosis has a 95% success rate as opposed to the surgery which has a long term success rate of below 50% . This is because the surgery alters your body but it doesn’t alter your mind unlike Hypnosis.

This treatment is non-refundable, However please rest assured Lyn's success rate is very high as you can see with the great testimonies on her Facebook page.


We offer online sessions via ZOOM video call. These sessions are open to local and International clients and can be participated in from anywhere in the world. Our online sessions are held in small groups however your anonymity is maintained throughout the session with no other clients able to see you or your personal details.

You will need to attend two sessions over two consecutive days.

Session one (approx. 1.5hours)-Eliminates foods, drinks, behaviours, habits.

Session two (approx. 1hour)- Fitting of your new Gastric Band, Self love.

You will need to attend both sessions on both days.

Session 1 runs for approximately one and a half hours and session two runs for approximately one hour.


We offer face to face sessions at various locations around New Zealand. You only need to attend one session that runs for approximately two and a half hours.

For a full list of upcoming dates and locations please visit our booking site.


Treatment cost is $420 per person. This includes your two and a half hour session with Lyn, recordings to listen to after your session to help you make a permanent change and access to our Facebook support group.

AFTERPAY is available for face to face sessions. Afterpay instalments are x4 fortnightly payments of $105 - totalling $420.


You will receive 3 recordings to listen to after your session with Lyn. It is imperative to the treatment process that you listen to your recordings daily as these recordings assist you to make a permanent change.

For clients success stories and testimonies please see our Facebook page.


To make a booking for our online or face to face sessions  please click the link below

Bookings using AFTERPAY must be made via phone call. If you wish to make a booking using Afterpay please call 027 234 5604. Please ensure you have downloaded the afterpay app and registered your details with afterpay.


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