Gastric Band Hypnotherapy



The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a unique weight loss programme that

uses clinical hypnosis to change the way you think and feel about food.


All food choices, cravings and addictions are harvested in our subconscious

mind. Hypnosis allows us to change the way a person thinks and feels about

food making it effortless to make healthier food choices and feel completely

full and satisfied with smaller portions. You won't feel hungry, deprived or

miserable and you will have complete control over your relationships with food.


Once you have had your Hypnosis treatment your subconscious mind believes you have had Gastric Band Surgery and that your stomach is smaller, so you will start to eat 3 smaller meals and 3 smaller snacks and you will feel comfortably full. It really is simple as that.


2% diets work - the only way to lose weight is to eat less and this will be easier for you as you have your gastric band fitted.


Hypnotherapy also changes the way you think and feel about food making it easier to make healthier food choices.


Everyone responds differently to hypnosis and some people absorb the messages quicker than others. There are no guarantees with hypnosis and as with most weight loss treatments we do not offer a money back guarantee.


Statistics say gastric band hypnosis has a 95% success rate as opposed to the surgery which has a long term success rate of below 50% . This is because the surgery alters your body but it doesn’t alter your mind where our relationships with food are stored unlike Hypnosis.


Our sessions are now held online via our website using a pre recorded screening of Lyns online sessions.


These sessions have proven to be equally as effective as our previous online & face to face sessions.

Online sessions are extremely effective as they allow you to participate from your own home and environment, which can aid your relaxation levels helping you become even more receptive to the messages and suggestions - giving you fantastic results.


For an online session, you will need to attend two sessions on one day or over two consecutive days.


Session one (approx 70mins)

-Eliminates foods, drinks, behaviours, habits.


Session two (approx 50 mins)

- Fitting of your new Gastric Band, Self love.

You will have access to both sessions for 1 week (& days) from purchase. It is the clients responsibility to ensure you have viewed both sessions within this timeframe.


Treatment cost is $495 per person. This includes your two 1 hour online sessions, recordings to listen to after your session to help you make a permanent change and access to our Facebook support group for ongoing support and encouragement from our team and fellow clients on the same journey.


You will receive 3 base recordings to listen to after your session with Lyn. It is imperative to the treatment process that you listen to your recordings daily as these recordings assist you to make a permanent change. The average daily listening time is 16-20minutes


Following your session you will also gain access to our Facebook Support group. In our support group you will receive ongoing support and encouragement from our team and fellow clients on the same journey.

You will have access to community forums which focus on healthy meal suggestions and recipes, exercise motivation and support and access to our private youtube library of recordings.


Located in our private YouTube library are 20+ recorded sessions covering a wide range of subjects and topics eg: Nail biting, sleep, body dysmorphia, past trauma, smoking cessation, menopause, stress, anxiety, grief, motivation to exercise, increasing water, positivity and more.

Our support group is a private, supportive and encouraging environment and we do encourage all clients to join.

For clients success stories and testimonies please see our Facebook page.


To make a booking for our online sessions please 

To speak with a member of our team please contact us at

"I saw Lyn in May 2019 and since then I have lost 51kg It has really changed my life Health wise ! I would really like to thank Lyn so much I couldn’t have done this without her!"

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*Prices effective from 1/1/21 . Prices subject to change