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Frequently asked questions

 What is gastric band hypnotherapy?

Gastric band hypnotherapy is a unique Weight Loss programme that uses clinical hypnosis to change the way you feel about food. You will eat smaller portions and you won't feel hungry, deprived or miserable! Hypnosis convinces your brain that you feel full and helps you change your eating habits forever

How much is a Hypnotherapy session?

 The cost for the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is $495. This cost includes your online session, recordings to listen to after your session & access to our facebook support group.

Are these sessions as effective as previous sessions?
Yes! As our online sessions are recorded screenings of our full Gastric Band session they carry the same great success rate as our previously held online and face to face sessions.

How many sessions do I have to have?
You will need to attend two online sessions - These can be participated in on one day or over two consecutive days (session 1 is approx 70mins , session 2 is approx 50mins.

How do I make an appointment?
To make a booking a booking please click the book now button at the top of this page

What is the success rate for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

Statistics say that Gastric Band hypnotherapy has a 95% success rate

Does this require surgery?

No. There is no invasive surgery, no risk and no on-going medical treatment

What aftercare is needed?

You will receive daily and weekly recordings to listen to following your session. These recordings reaffirm the suggestions from your session and strengthen your control. Repetition is reinforcement


What happens if the treatment doesn't work for me?
The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy has a 95% success rate when a client follows the aftercare programme of listening to daily and weekly recordings. There is a small minority of people (around 5%) who are unable to absorb the messages and suggestions via hypnosis and as Hypnosis offers no guarantees and we do not offer a money back guarantee this is unfortunately the risk you take. If the treatment does not work for you please reach out to our aftercare support person Rochelle at for assistance and advice. 


Once I have reached my goal weight, will I be able to stop losing weight?

Yes. You will stop listening to your recordings.

If it doesn't work can I get a refund?

Hypnosis is not guaranteed and we do not offer refunds. 

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