Frequently asked question

How much is a Hypnotherapy session?

$395 NZ

How many sessions do you have to have?

One session

How long do I need to allow for my session?

Allow 2 hours

Can this be done over Skype or a phone call?

No, the hypnotherapy session needs to be done in person

How many people are in a session?

In each session there can be up to 16 people

What is the success rate for the gastric band hypnotherapy?


What is gastric band hypnotherapy?

Gastric band hypnotherapy is a unique Weight Loss programme that uses clinical hypnosis to change the way you feel about food. You will eat smaller portions and you won't feel hungry, deprived or miserable! 

Hypnosis convinces your brain that you feel full and helps you change your eating habits forever.

Does this require surgery?

No. There is no invasive surgery, no risk and no on-going medical treatment

What aftercare is needed?

You will listen to a 7 min recording and a 20 min recording DAILY until you reach your goal weight - to reinforce the messages. Repetition is reinforcement.

Once I have reached my goal weight, will I be able to stop losing weight?

Yes. You will only listen to your recording when you feel you need to

Where does Lyn do Hypnotherapy sessions?

Please refer to our Locations page

If this does not work can I get a refund?

Hypnosis is not guaranteed and we do not offer refunds

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