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Stress & Anxiety Hypnotherapy

For a happier, healthier life.

Many of us experience stress or anxiety at some point in our lives. When we don’t address the cause of these emotions they can manifest themselves into unhealthy behaviours.


Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective way of relieving and managing emotion-based issues and help clients to take back control over their emotions and day-to-day life.

3 Benefits


Assists a client to isolate, identify and discard negative feelings and emotions.


Relieves tension and triggers the body’s relaxation response



Can help eliminate overeating, clean plate syndrome, bingeing, and diet mentality.

The Solution

In our stress and anxiety sessions, clients are given the opportunity to identify and remove emotions associated with past traumas, people or events and are given the necessary tools to know and understand how to utilise their inner potential to stay in control when faced with difficult circumstances in the future.

For $200 clients will gain access to an online session with Lyn. Clients will also receive a reinforcement recording to reaffirm the messages and suggestions from the original session.



"I have been amazed at the results. I  have been suffering badly from anxiety and panic attacks. Since my session, I have been much calmer and able to sleep through the night and more able to function during the day."

Pink Background with Bubbles

 “After having this session I haven't needed to take my anxiety meds since the session that I have on hand when I get anxious."

“I feel less stressed with the stuff in my life that is going on. And even the people that create it don't bother me.. thank you for making it such an easy and relaxing process.”

How can I be sure hypnotherapy is right for me?

Hypnotherapy is now accepted as a powerful tool for change – even a cure – for a host of problems, particularly stress, anxiety and a range of emotional issues.


Hypnosis has been subject to intense scientific research at universities and hospitals all over the world. Hypnosis is no longer just a complementary therapy, but an essential and permanent solution to issues that were once thought incurable!


How many sessions do I have to have?

You are only required to attend one online session.

How long do I need to allow for my session?

Please allow 1 hour.

Is there an age limit?

You must be 18+ to attend an online hypnotherapy session.

Stress and anxiety hypnotherapy is a safe, effective & natural way to relieve, manage and even cure emotion-based issues. Take control back over your life and your emotions today!

*Prices effective from 1/1/21 . Prices subject to change

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