Lyn Davis

I have worked with Andrew Newton - considered by many to be the world’s most experienced hypnotist - for the last 15 years. I have spent hundreds of hours watching him work and studying his techniques and methods. Andrew personally trained and mentored me over more than one hundred tutorials. 


I started my hypnotherapy practice five years ago and specialize in gastric band weight loss hypnosis and have achieved truly excellent results. Andrew continues to work with me in New Zealand. 


“From the first, I saw that Lyn had that rare gift of understanding, combined with the ability to communicate ideas. Her ability was never in doubt... what made her special was her commitment to the subject and to her clients. Lyn has turned out to be the very best of my students with an outstanding success rate. In the late 1980s I trained Paul McKenna - as a hypnotherapist, Lyn is streets ahead.” 

Andrew Newton. 

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