Lyn Davis

With over 15 years’ experience and thousands of positive testimonials, Lyn Davis (RIP) was New Zealand’s leading hypnotherapist specialising in the revolutionary Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. Lyn worked with clients all throughout New Zealand and held online sessions for international clients, helping people of all shapes and sizes become the best version of themselves.


Lyn worked with Andrew Newton – Considered by many to be the world’s most experienced hypnotist and has spent hundreds of hours watching him work, studying his techniques and methods and receiving ongoing training and mentoring for over one hundred tutorials. 

Sadly, in April 2021 Lyn Davis passed away unexpectedly. We have been hugely impacted by her loss and we know many of you feel that same way too.


Lyn dedicated her life to helping others and we know she would want us to utilise the tools she has left us to continue her work and legacy and to help more clients reach their mental and physical goals.

We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing 'Lyn Davis Hypnotherapy Ltd' on behalf of Lyn by offering pre recorded screenings of Lyn's online sessions recorded prior to her passing. These sessions have had great success both prior to and after Lyn's passing and we look forward to continuing Lyn's great work and   legacy and helping more clients become the best version of themselves.

A message from Karen, Lyn's sister below.

Nga mihi

News & Updates

 How are we half way through the year already? As we continue to offer Lyn's 'Gastric band weight loss hypnotherapy' sessions online we are delighted to hear of more and more clients who are taking control over their relationships with food and reaching their weight loss goals . Our online sessions using pre recorded screenings have proven to carry the same great results and success as our previously held online and face to face sessions. We have welcomed many new clients to our growing Facebook support group and look forward to growing it furthermore in the months to come. 

There's no denying these past few years have had many of us feeling overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and depression.Lyn's highly successful 'stress and anxiety' sessions are now available from our website. These sessions are fantastic for anyone wanting to relieve and manage daily stress and/or anxiety as well as past trauma and emotions. For more information please see click here

We are excited to announce that AFTERPAY is now available for all online sessions. For information regarding 'afterpay' please see our 'Video Hypnotherapy Sessions' tab or contact our friendly team for more information. 
For afterpay's terms and conditions please visit their website 


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“From the first time I saw Lyn I saw she had that rare gift of understanding, combined with an ability to communicate ideas. Her ability was never in doubt... what made her special was her commitment to the subject and to her clients. Lyn has turned out to be the very best of my students with an outstanding success rate." - Andrew Newton

Online Sessions available with Andrew Newton

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